New Webcast on Demand: Internals of ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is the new hosting framework for web applications written in .NET. It is designed to be a lightweight and modular framework with the intent of significantly reducing an application’s footprint running on a server. In addition to a composable hosting model, ASP.NET 5 decouples from the web server itself such that applications written for ASP.NET 5 can be hosted outside of IIS and even on non-Microsoft operating systems. Finally, ASP.NET 5 even changes how the .NET runtime itself is loaded so that an application can ~/bin deploy the version of .NET that is needed. This allows for true side-by-side deployment of applications running on different versions of .NET. This session will explore these topics (and more) in this brave new world of ASP.NET 5.


Upcoming Live Webcasts

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Asynchronous I/O with Python 8/25/15 @ 11m PDT

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