New Webcast on Demand: Multiprocessing with Python

Python is restricted to a single OS thread; therefore, it cannot make use of the multiple cores and processors available on modern hardware. Instead, Python programmers can use the multiprocessing library to easily create and coordinate multiple Python processes. Each one is scheduled independently on the CPU by the OS. In fact, this programming model is easier than parallelism with threads because it limits the complexity of concurrent synchronization. For applications that need more CPU power, multiprocessing is an invaluable library.


Upcoming Live Webcasts

Internals of ASP.NET 5 7/16/15 @ 11am PDT
Introduction to MVC 6 7/23/15 @ 11am PDT
Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio and MsTest 7/29/15 @ 11m PDT
Asynchronous I/O with Python 8/25/15 @ 11m PDT

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