New Webcasts On Demand

Exploring the Decorator Pattern Using C#

As experienced developers we know that we don’t want to have to keep modifying existing code…as this increases the risk of bugs. Inheritance is often seen as the vehicle for extension. Having to build types that represent the various possible extensions your application requires can lead to type explosion, where as if there was some way at runtime to extend an objects functionality this would seem a more scalable and flexible approach. Decorators provide a flexible alternative to inheritance for extending functionality. It’s different from classical inheritance because the behavior is not added to all the objects of the same class but only to the instances that are explicitly decorated. In this webcast we will exam the case of needing to add combinatorial behavior to an existing type. However we are not going to modify the type and inheritance won’t be an option because the type is sealed! You’ll see how the Decorator pattern can be used to solve this kind of problem.


Swift vs. Modern C++

Most modern C based languages offer much the same feature set and Swift is no different. It is interesting though to see how each language goes about providing those features. This webinar will look at how features such as variable declaration, control constructs, classes, functions, and more differ between Swift and Modern C++.


Upcoming Live Webcasts

Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio and MsTest 6/29/15 @ 11m PDT

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