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New Swift Webcast Scheduled

Swift vs. Modern C++: June 8, 2015

Most modern C based languages offer much the same feature set and Swift is no different. It is interesting though to see how each language goes about providing those features. This webinar will look at how features such as variable declaration, control constructs, classes, functions, and more differ between Swift and Modern C++.
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New Webcast on Demand:
Introduction to Swift

For professional developers who already have a basic understanding of the Swift Language syntax. In this webcast we will cover structs, classes, protocols, fields, methods, and initialization. Also covered will be inheritance in Swift.


Upcoming Live Webcasts:

Intermediate Swift 5/27/15 @ 11am PDT
Exploring the Decorator Pattern Using C# 6/3/15 @ 11am PDT
Swift vs. Modern C++ 6/8/15 @ 11am PDT
Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio and MsTest 6/29/15 @ 11m PDT

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