I so want to love Windows 8, but…

So once again Windows 8 annoys me.

All I want to do is to print from the (to be frank, very poor) Reader App.

Unfortunately, every time I try to send anything to the printer, I get a completely unhelpful “Your printer is not connected …” error message.

Which is interesting, since every desktop app can print happily. And printing a test page works every time. And the printer troubleshooter identifies no problems – although it is keen for me to share the printer to the HomeGroup, and even though I don’t want to, it considers that an error.

(Errors really should be actual problems, but let’s no get into that discussion!)

So is it the Windows “Metro” mode that is just completely unreliable? Is it the Reader app?

Who knows?

But when you factor in the mail client that is all but useless and a reader app that is unable to print it really starts to indicate that the Windows 8 “Metro” environment, in its current form, simply isn’t reliable enough for even basic use.

If I’m continually being forced to use traditional desktop apps to do basic tasks, then it makes Windows RT a complete non-starter – no desktop apps work on Windows RT – and it makes Windows 8 a pointless upgrade from Windows 7.

So it’s time to download Adobe Reader and print from there.

Which makes me sad.


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