Hadoop: Generic Type Information at Runtime in Java

I’ve been playing around with Hadoop lately, and it seems that this is a situation when the lack of runtime information about generics really hurts.

The bad news: java isn’t going to be changing that anytime soon.
The good news: you don’t need to wait for them to do it.

       Here’s how.

1. Define Useful Generic Base

The secret here is to add a method per generic type to expose it’s type. Here’s an example

public interface UsefulMap<In1, Out1>
public Class<In1> getIn1Type();
public Class<Out1> getOut1Type();

2. Implement

Now when you implement, you will have to provide the runtime information.

public class MyMap implements UsefulMap<Double, String>
public Class<Double> getIn1Type()
return Double.class;
public Class<String> getOut1Type()
return String.class;

The nice part is, if you forget or change it, it won’t compile.

  public Class<Double> getIn1Type()
return Integer.class; <- Type mismatch: cannot convert from 
 Class<Integer> to Class<Double>

Once you do this, there are a bunch of convenience functions you can write that will make your setup much easier & safer.

For example, you can now write

 .WithMapper(new MyMapper())
 .AndReducer(new MyReducer())


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